Debra's massage was an excellent experience. I like how easy it is to schedule online.
Debra's space is really nice and the music is very relaxing. She is friendly and very
professional, always checking to see if there are any changes in my body or sore
places that need some extra help. Debra starts by massaging my hands. More than
an hour later, she completes the massage by working on my back muscles. I felt very
relaxed and wondered why I had waited so long to schedule a massage.  ~PC

On the day of the appointment I woke up with a headache and my back and hip were
achy.   My body felt heavy and dragged down.  Debra took her time and talked to me
about what she was doing when necessary.  I could feel the aches and pains easing
out of my body. When we were done, I was like a new person.  I felt light and
pain-free.  I made two more appointments to reinforce the progress we made and the
next day I sent my husband for a session to ease his aches and pains.  Debra has so
much training in so many modalities and has honed her massage skills and her
intuition to make a session with her outstanding truly an in-depth healing experience.

Debra, is very caring, always reviews how I am feeling for each visit. She is very
concerned and always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I have been receiving
regular treatment for 7 months and have seen great results. I always look forward to
each visit. ~CJ

She gives an excellent massage and is a very nice person ~JH

I had my doubts about craniosacral until I tried it. Debra was amazing, listened to
my concerns and helped me relax and give in. I felt energized and overall better
than when I came in to see Debra. She helped with not only the physical, but also
emotional struggles I was having. ~SS

Debra is a healer with truly gifted hands.  As a part of my overall wellness plan I
incorporate Craniosacral treatments into my health routine and Deb is my go to
source. ~ST

Debra offers much more than massage.  She introduced me to a Detox Foot Bath
and that is why I am writing this review.  I had  never had one and she suggested
that I add it to my routine.  It was soothing and enlightening.  And I was truly
amazed on the difference I felt in my body over the next couple of days.  I plan on
continuing these foot baths in the future!  ~JB

Debra first greeted me warmly and asked me to explain what brought me in. It was
a caring conversation rather than the usual brief encounter you have with a
massage therapist where you fill out a form and they get right to work on you. At all
times during the massage, Debra took care to be sure I was comfortable, and she
listened to me, both verbally and by body signals. Debra gave me suggestions of
things to do at home as well. I felt much better when I left there ~CB

The massage was wonderful and very relaxing.  I had been noticing weakness in
my left thigh and Debra worked on my thigh and it has felt much better.  Her
massage room was very attractive and music was soothing. Debra gives an
excellent massage.  She has very strong fingers and I felt very good when she was
finished. ~SW

Neck and shoulder massage, craniosacral was excellent. Not enough space here
to write what she did but, she got rid of the knots in my shoulder! "Hooray"! Debra,
was there to greet me and asked what I needed, told me before she touched me
first what she was going to do. She gave me a mini lesson in neck and shoulder
muscle and how they effect you. She was kind and gentle. ~SA

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