Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word representing the principle of
“Universal Life-Energy” - the gentle yet powerful force that gives life, growth
balance and healing to all living things. During treatment Reiki can restore and
bring balance to our body allowing it to begin healing itself.

Benefits of Reiki

When our life energy is low or feeling blocked, we are more likely to suffer from
stress or disease. The goal of
Reiki is to heal and rebuild our life energy so the body can heal itself. Ways Reiki
can benefit are:

• Be more relaxed
• Lessen migraines, back pain or other discomfort
• increase your sense of well-being & self-awareness
• Sleep better
• Have better digestion
• Have more energy
• Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety
• Strengthen your immune system

Clients almost always express an immediate positive response. While many benefits
are immediately evident, the process of bringing balance to the body may take up to
21 days.

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